We are Jeroen and Myrte from the Netherlands.

We started doing Functional Fitness early 2015 and like many others we were hooked instantly. We started off with just a few hours of training a week, but we soon got addicted. Nowadays, we have to make sure to get enough rest, but that probably sounds familiar. It has become an essential part of our lives and we wouldn’t know how to live without it. Even when we’re on holiday we feel the need to train, which is why we started doing drop-ins. These drop-ins abroad worked so well for us that we started doing them in our own country as well – just for the fun of it :).

Finding the right box

Finding the right box isn’t easy; you have to do some research first, which can be very time consuming, and you have to be sure it’s worth your time and effort. We felt that there are enough boxes out there, but what’s missing is an overview. Box websites usually don’t provide you with the information that you are looking for; information such as the size of the training area or the sort of equipment that is being used is hard to find, just like the information about the coaches and their qualifications. Also, pictures of the box or reviews by other enthusiasts aren’t common, even though they would make your decision on where to go a bit easier. So many questions…

Bundle our forces and build a website ourselves

All of the questions above made us decide to create Unbox Guide: a website that provides you with all the information you need about boxes all over the world! Reviews, overview pictures, drop-in policies and contact information – it’s all here! Everything you need to make your search a lot easier, right at your disposal! Not only does it come in handy for travellers, but also for those who are waiting to get hooked…. 🙂